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'21 Double Eleven

'18 - FortuneFish
‘14 – Celtic Heroes

'14 – Kinect Sports Rivals

'11 – Kinect Sports II                 

‘10 – Kinect Sports I                      
‘10 – Sky for Xbox                            
‘10 – XBLA Perfect Dark Zero       
‘08 – Avatars                                
‘08 – Banjo: Nuts & Bolts              
‘08 – Viva Piñata II            
‘05 – Perfect Dark Zero             
‘05 – Kameo                                 
‘05 – Conker: Live & Reloaded   
‘00 – Mickey Speed Way               
‘99 – Jet Force Gemini              
‘97 – Rosco McQueen                   
‘93 – Small Talk                    
‘92 – Bun-bury Tales                
‘91 – Henry’s Cat               

Double Eleven


Rare Limited

Rare Limited    

Rare Limited    
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Rare Limited   
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Arc Developments
Bob Godfrey Films    
Bob Godfrey Films
Bob Godfrey Films   

Studio Art Manager

Art Supervisor

Studio Art Director

Studio Art Manager

Studio Art Manager
Art Manager
Art Manager
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Art Director
Lead Artist
Lead Artist
Lead Artist
Senior Artist
Game Director

Key Skills

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Work Experience: 1991 - current 
Double Eleven: Studio Art Manager 2021 - Current
Responsible for…

Managing the studio art team for Double Eleven for all cool projects.

FortuneFish: Art Supervisor 2018 - 2021 Feb
Responsible for…

Creating 3D/2D content for the studio whilst leading the UI/Animation/Marketing disciplines. Also giving direction and feedback on all studio products.

  • Leading UI/Animation and Marketing disciplines within the studio.

  • Creating 3D/2D game content.

One Thumb Mobile: Studio Art Director 2014 - 2018 (4 years)
Responsible for…

Studio Art Director for the successful free to play MMO RPG Celtic Heroes. Asked to improve the overall look and quality of the live game and direct all new content around a structured schedule.

  • Setting, managing and maintaining art direction for the studio.

  • Consistently delivering quality art content into the game.

  • Art directing within the art team whilst creating content for the game.

RARE: Studio Art Manager 2010 - 2013 (2 years 5 months)
Responsible for…

Coordinated a new art production model for the studio. Moving away from large art teams to smaller more flexible teams enabled to work with outsource and contract staff whilst still maintaining Rare's art quality. 

  • Restructured the art department.

  • Managed the art department.

  • Art direction.

  • Part of the senior leadership team.

RARE: Art Director 2006 – 2010 (4 Years)

​Responsible for…​

Art Directing the internal art resource team; concept, character, animation, environment and graphics, across two sites; Twycross and Birmingham.

  • Structured and managed flexible art team – 30+ artists.

  • Managed internal cross team communications.

  • Art directing the art team to deliver on quality for internal and external work

  • Content creation: modelling characters and environments.

RARE: Lead Artist 2003 – 2006 (3 years)

​Responsible for…​

Lead Artist for the Conker Team to deliver best graphics for 'Conker Live and Reloaded'.

  • Lead character artist - concept and character creation.

  • Managing the art team through to completion.

  • Maintaining all artistic quality throughout the game...rated for best graphics on Xbox.

  • Logo, box art and marketing material.

RARE: 3D Artist/Concept 1998 – 2003 (5 years)

​Responsible for…​
Concept and artist for the 'Jet Force Team'.

  • Key character designer.

  • Specialised in character modelling in Maya.

  • Concept for all game assets.

  • UI design and creator.

  • Box art, logos and marketing material.

ARC DEVELOPMENTS: Game Director 1994 – 1997 (3 years 8 months)

​Responsible for…​
I joined this small studio to concept characters and backgrounds. This then led to me heading up a game team where I was responsible for the game design and art direction for a game called ‘Rosco McQueen’.

  • Game director for ‘Rosco McQueen’ (licence by Sony – published Autumn 1997).

  • Responsible for the game design, concept and art direction...worked closely with Martin Alltimes.

  • Led artist and engineers through to game completion.

  • Pitched game concepts to Sony and Bullfrog.

BOB GODFREY FILMS: Artist 1991 – 1994 (2 years 6 months)

​Responsible for…​
After graduating from Kingston school of art I worked at Bob Godfrey Films as a runner, paint/trace, background artist and line tester

  • Worked on Oscar nominated film and went to 1994 Oscars. 

FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR 1991 – 1998 (7 years)

​Responsible for…​

  • Illustrated for magazines, art houses and graphic design studios, in and around London over this period of time.


British Animation Training Scheme: Museum of Moving Image (London)

Mar 1994 –Dec 1994

Qualified as an Assistant Animator

Kingston Art College

1988- 1991

BA (Hons) Degree (2:1) in Graphic Design/Illustration

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